Synchronizing Divided Hearts

Any persistent separation between and within a person's heart, soul, mind, and spirit (emotional and spiritual captivity that prevents the resolution of conflicting beliefs and the effects of pain and trauma) prevents a consistent joyful connection with God and others. Healing isn't just about rebuking the demons and being labeled demon-possessed. My name is Lena. I have an unwell brain and a broken-divided heart of the splitting of the mind. As you read The Unquiet Mind, you will have a better understanding. I pondered my history for years. You must have an open mind. I'm no one, but I want to discuss something few people do. I will talk more about dissociative identity disorder and spiritual healing. This book chronicles my experience with bipolar disorder and DID without going into detail because I want to explore how my sickness has changed after discovering DID is divine. My fractured mind and how God helped me heal often saved my life. Science and spirituality changed